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Why You Should Add Reflexology to Your Toolbox

A toolbox contains a variety of tools that are appropriate for building and repairing a variety of structures. There is typically not just one tool that be used to complete or restore a whole project. A carpenter doesn’t build or repair a home with just a hammer, and a plumber needs more than a pipe wrench to install a sink or fix a leak.

I like to think of reflexology as another tool for your health toolbox. It is a complement to many other forms of services and therapies because reflexology reduces body stress, and helps facilitate the natural healing process by improving circulation. When body stress is reduced through applying pressure on the reflexes, physical symptoms of pain are minimized. Reflexology also balances the nervous system, helping the client feel a greater sense of overall well-being. This “peace of mind” is important when the body is healing itself and coming back into balance.

Regardless of the reasons for adding reflexology to your toolbox, reflexology feels good AND it's good for you! It is a tool that can help build, repair, and restore - gently and naturally!

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