How to Put Your Best Shoe Forward!

We all are very aware when our shoes don’t fit right; they are either too small, to rigid, too pointy, too big, too high... and cause us to exclaim, “My feet are killing me!” While we’re not really in danger of physical death, ill-fitting shoes will restrict foot and lower leg function, and impede circulation and energy flow throughout the whole body. Poor footwear changes a normal gait pattern and forces the feet and body to compensate. The result is foot pain that quickly becomes whole body pain. A healthy shoe style is one that allows your feet full range of motion. The more the entire foot is used while walking, the stronger the foot and body will become. A flexible, strong foot creates

Why You Should Add Reflexology to Your Toolbox

A toolbox contains a variety of tools that are appropriate for building and repairing a variety of structures. There is typically not just one tool that be used to complete or restore a whole project. A carpenter doesn’t build or repair a home with just a hammer, and a plumber needs more than a pipe wrench to install a sink or fix a leak. I like to think of reflexology as another tool for your health toolbox. It is a complement to many other forms of services and therapies because reflexology reduces body stress, and helps facilitate the natural healing process by improving circulation. When body stress is reduced through applying pressure on the reflexes, physical symptoms of pain are minim

Why You Want Relaxed Muscles

Muscle tension. We’ve all experienced it. It sneaks up on us during periods of stress, or when we’ve been sitting in one place, doing the same activity for too long. When it hits us, we rub our shoulders, arch our back, roll our neck, shake our hands, anything to try and relieve the ache. Most people probably know that tension is not good for us, and that we should try to relax. But I wonder how many really understand the implications of muscle tension. Tense muscles constrict blood vessels and nerves. Our blood carries nutrients and oxygen to every cell and organ in the body, and in addition it carries away toxins. Our nervous system is responsible for the maintenance of homeostasis (balanc

Alpha State is Where You Want to Be! (At least sometimes!)

I describe the alpha state as “the space between”. It’s that place where you’re awake... but not really. Where you’re asleep... but not really. It’s the state of relaxation and peaceful wakefulness accompanied by feelings of tranquility. Tension does not reside here, and anxiety flows away. Creativity, receptivity, and new thoughts and ideas flourish here! Healing takes place here! It is a wonderful place to be! “How do I get there?”, you ask. Meditation can take you there, and so can reflexology! Because reflexology balances the nervous system and reduces stress, your mind can hardly help but to let go and drift into a calm and quiet space. This allows the body to come back into balance- r

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