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5 Signs That Your Body is Responding to Reflexology Work

When working with clients, I look for signs that the body is responding to the work that I’m doing. I came across a blog from “The Foot Whisperer” ( which explains what I’ve noticed during my sessions with clients, and I thought that it would be interesting to share. I’ve also added an additional sign that I look for when a client comes in with a specific complaint.

Signs that the Body is Receiving Reflexology Work Through the Power of the Nervous System

1) The Face Will Itch

Sometimes this includes other areas of the body as well, but when the nervous system is stimulated there is an internal ‘static’ that is generated inside the body which is felt as a compulsive need to scratch. The itching is normally on the face because of its proximity to the brain, which is the center of processing this static.

2) The Muscles Will Twitch

When there is deep tension held within a muscle group, the tension must be discharged before reaching full relaxation. Which muscles twitch and how many times is also extremely significant, but the twitching during a session is a sure sign that the tension is being released from the nervous system.

3) The Breathing Will Change

This often happens when clients fall asleep (and most do!), but this is referring to spontaneous inhales and the occasional cessation of breath. Out of nowhere, and without conscious thought, clients will take deep breaths as the body resets their normal breathing rhythm. Sometimes a small pause of the breath (cessation) is a side effect of the reset as well.

4) The Stomach Will Gurgle

Very common and embarrassing for some clients even when they’re warned. It is a powerful sign of the body’s self-healing process. Movement in the gut is a huge benefit of reflexology, and is a sign that the body is receiving the work properly.

5) Areas of Tenderness Will Change (Added by me)

Before beginning a session, I check reflex areas relating to body complaints (e.g. low back pain, neck pain). I ask my client if there is pain in the reflex, and if so to rate it from 1-4. After checking and noting the pain level, I begin the session and emphasize any reflexes that were painful. At the end of the session, I ask my client if the pain changed or stayed the same. In almost all cases, clients report that the areas of tenderness have either decreased or gone away. This is evidence that the body responded to the reflexology work.

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