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Reflex Energy Bypasses Damaged Nerve Fibers

Though one of the ways reflexology works is via the nervous system, specifically through the 250 thousand nerve endings in the feet, another way it works is through the energy pathways (similar to acupuncture). When using reflexology, the electrical energy flows from the reflex points along the energy meridians, therefore bypassing any damaged nerve fibers.

That these energy meridians exist has been proven by scientists, and they call it the primo-vascular system. It was discovered by injecting dye into acupuncture points and being able to detect it in the energy meridians! The significance of this is that even if a person has a damaged nervous system, a body can still benefit from reflexology by utilizing the other way that it works: through the flow of energy. The reflex points are energy junctions that relay and reinforce energy to every organ, system and gland in the body. In this way, reflexology helps nature open channels of health so that it can find its way back homeostasis (balance).

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