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Cindy Holm

If I had to choose a motto for life, it would be: "Balance in Everything!" This fits perfectly for me as a Reflexologist!  My greatest joy is being able to assist others in experiencing a sense of well-being at all levels. Through reflexology, I have access to a modality that relaxes the body so that it can come back to homeostasis (balance). A balanced body is a healthy body!

 I received my reflexology training from Seattle Reflexology and Massage Center, and then became certified to practice reflexology as required by Washington State law. This assures you that I have the knowledge and experience to assist you by using the art and science of reflexology. 


Reflexology is my second career and passion. I spent 30 years as a Teacher for the Blind and Visually Impaired. When I'm not providing reflexology services, I enjoy being outside and being active! I especially enjoy hiking, trail riding, yoga, road biking, and trips on my husband's Harley! 

My husband and I began splitting our time between Washington State and Arizona in 2021. We feel we have the best both worlds by being able to enjoy what each state has to offer during the best its seasons!  


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