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What to Expect from a Reflexology Session

With low lights, soft music, and aromatherapy, each session begins with a therapeutic foot bath which soothes and relaxes the muscles, and prepares the body to unwind.  You will remain clothed, and move to a heated massage table where you will receive a hot stone treatment, and a reflexology session geared to your body's unique needs.  

Reflexology uses the thumbs and fingers to stimulate specific points on the feet, hands and ears that refer to different parts of the body. Some spots may be slightly tender due to that area of the body needing to release stored up blockages. Generally, however, reflexology feels wonderful! 

Many people fall asleep during reflexology due to its calming effect on the nervous system. You may experience a "lightness" or tingling in the body as energy blockages are being released. Other reactions during the session range from physical to emotional and may include:

         *Perspiration of hands or feet

          *Sensation of being cold or chilled 

          *Itchy face/head

          *Sinus drainage


          *Gurgling belly


          *Emotional release

          *Sighing deeply

          *Overwhelming desire to sleep

          *Disappearance of all pain and discomfort

          *Loose, relaxed muscles


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