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All reflexology services begin with a therapeutic foot bath to relax and soothe the muscles and prepare the body to unwind. Low lighting, soft music, aromatherapy, heated table, warm neck cozy, hot stones for the toes, and warm towels add to the relaxing atmosphere of the reflexology room. 

Foot Reflexology

Imagine an hour devoted solely to your feet! Not only does it feel amazing, but it  addresses body issues, reduces stress, and brings your body back into balance, all while you slip into a peaceful state of relaxation.


Foot/Hand Reflexology​

If you love your feet and hands touched, then you will feel especially pampered during this session! Through this integrated foot and hand approach, the reflexes are being addressed through an additional reflexology system, which has an added benefit. Elbow pain and numbness/pain/tingling in your hands or arms can also be addressed. 


Reflexology Combination

This session is for those who have experienced reflexology and want MORE! This session includes different combinations of foot, hand, face, or ear reflexology to best address your reflexology goals. It is quite a heavenly combination!

Hand Reflexology

Since the reflexes are also located in the hands, hand reflexology can be a great alternative to foot reflexology, especially if a foot is injured, the feet are extremely sensitive, or if a person is too embarrassed to expose their feet. Do you have tennis elbow, golf elbow, or mouse arm?  If so, these issues will be addressed in this session.

Face Reflexology

Face reflexology has benefits similar to other reflexology systems. In addition, it can remove the tiredness of a sleepless night as well as the beginnings of wrinkles by relaxing, toning, and improving blood flow to the face. 


Reflexology for Plantar Fasciitis

This session is specifically tailored to help deal with plantar fasciitis. It includes a full foot reflexology session, PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretching of the calf, and demonstration of exercises to help the condition.



If you feel like you don't have an hour in your busy schedule for yourself, how about 30 minutes? This shortened session is an opportunity to squeeze in some time for YOU in order to relax and find balance. It is also and opportunity to experience what reflexology is all about!  

(Hand or foot reflexology available. Please specify when booking.)

HSA and FSA accepted for reflexology services

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