Reflexology Enhances Medical Care

Many ill individuals have needs that aren’t available through traditional medical practices. Research has shown that reflexology can enhance medical care to help where medicine can’t. The following conditions have been shown to have positive responses to reflexology: Cancer Patients Research shows that reflexology eases the side effects of chemotherapy, nausea, vomiting, and fatigue, reduces anxiety, pain, and depression, and provides a means for family members to add their support. Dialysis Patients Research shows that reflexology improves the kidney’s functions by increasing red blood cells (to combat anemia concerns), increasing lymphocytes (to help fight infection), and enhancing the dis

Studies Show Reflexology Aids in Pain Reduction

As a Reflexologist, I find it exciting that studies are being done to validate what every Reflexologist knows, and most clients of reflexology experience! Twenty-seven studies show that pain reduction is a significant result of reflexology work. The studies included individuals of all ages and health states. For example, birthing mothers, lower back pain sufferers, kidney stone patients, senior citizens, and individuals with pain resulting from surgery. To test this, a classic test of pain was conducted. Reflexology work was applied to one group of healthy individuals and Sham TENS to another. The individuals then immersed their hands in ice water. Measurements were taken to judge the time

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