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Why Hand Reflexology?

When talking to people about reflexology, they generally understand that it has something to do with the feet. When I explain that the reflexes are also located in the hands, this is almost always a surprise.

Unlike the more common practice of foot reflexology, hand reflexology can be practiced anywhere at any time. For example, I was traveling home on a plane after having been horseback riding. My back was aching terribly, and the thought of sitting on the plane for hours was not something that I was looking forward to. I was a new Reflexologist at the time, but I did finally realize before taking off that I could access my lower back reflexes through my hands and ease my pain (which I did!). This form of reflexology did not involve taking off my shoes and socks and bringing my foot up into my lap. Can you imagine what the persons sitting next to me would have thought about that?

Most of the clients who come to me enjoy a combination of foot and hand reflexology. But there are circumstances when working the feet is not an option, and working the hands becomes preferable. These circumstances include:

  • If the foot is injured (e.g. sprains, fractures, etc.)

  • If the foot is infected

  • If the foot has been amputated

  • If a person is too embarrassed to expose his/her feet

  • If the foot or part of the foot is very inflamed (e.g. gout in the big toe)

Hand reflexology, like foot reflexology, is safe, relaxing, and beneficial in bringing about inner healing to all the organs, glands and systems in the body. In addition, people who use their hands in work and play may find hand reflexology to be beneficial in relieving hand and arm related conditions.

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