Causes for Foot Cramps and How to Treat Them

Foot cramps are extremely common and can occur at any time, whether during exercise and activity, or during rest and sleep. Even the slightest movement, like pointing a toe (which shortens the muscle in the arch) can trigger a cramp. Causes The exact cause of foot cramps (and cramps in general) is unknown, but some researcher believe that inadequate stretching and muscle fatigue leads to abnormalities in the mechanisms that control muscle contraction. Other causes of muscle cramps may include: Overuse of a muscle Dehydration Depletion of salt and minerals Muscle strain or holding a position for a long time Nerve damage - signals from the brain to the muscles don’t get through properly, resul

How Reflexology Helps Arthritis

As a Reflexologist, clients come to me with a variety of health issues, the latest being rheumatoid arthritis (RA). This prompted me to learn more about this condition, as well as the difference between RA and osteoarthritis (OA). Simply stated, OA is caused by continued wear and tear on the joints, while RA is an autoimmune disorder that produces inflammatory joint symptoms. Both diseases are chronic, meaning they are long-term. Neither disease has a known cure. OA is degenerative, meaning it will continue to worsen with time, but with appropriate treatment, OA can generally have a positive prognosis. RA is much more unpredictable. I found this quick comparison of RA/OA at rheumatiodarthrit

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