Reflexology Helps Improve the “Plumbing” of the Body

Circulation is the most important factor to keeping the body functioning by delivering oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and removing waste. If circulation is poor, toxins accumulate at the nerve endings in our hands and feet where the transfer is made from the arteries (which carry oxygenated blood from the heart) to the veins (which carry blood back to the heart). If circulation is weak, it is like having a clogged drain. Using a plumbing analogy, one can imagine that if nothing is done to clear the blockage, waste will continue to build, and water pressure will be low. By using a plunger to create pressure and free the drain of the obstruction, the obstruction will be moved through the p

How Reflexology Helps with Chronic Pain

What is chronic pain, and how does it differ from acute pain? Let’s first consider acute pain. Acute pain is caused by an injury or specific disease. It serves a protective function, letting the injured person know that there has been damage to some part of the body. The pain causes the person to seek treatment, or rest until the body is healed. Chronic pain, in contrast, outlasts the normal time of healing for that specific injury or disease. In my research, I've noted that pain is considered chronic when it lasts between 3-6 mos, or 1 month after the injury or disease should have been healed. Treating chronic pain differs from treating acute pain, in that chronic pain must rely on a multi

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