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Research Shows Reflexology Supports Mental Health Care

Reflexology research has shown that reflexology aids children and adults who are challenged with mental health issues. The study results are listed below:

Aggressive and anti-social children - Reflexology work showed a reduction in aggression, stress and anxiety, and an improvement in focus, concentration, self-esteem, listening skills and confidence.

Autism - Improvements were noted in work with autistic children.

Emotional support - 30 min reflexology session for eight weeks. Findings included: physical improvements, emotional improvements, self-esteem and confidence improvements, motivation, increased relaxation levels, concentration improvements.

Mentally ill (severe and enduring) Schizophrenia and OCD - Reflexology was accepted by the clients in terms of their interest, attendance and tolerance of touch. Participants appeared to relax and were calmer by the end of the session. It seemed that reflexology allowed the participants to talk about a wide range of topics.

Depression - Multiple studies show an improvement in mood or lessening of depression for the following::

Nursing home patients with dementia


Pneumonconiosis patients

Elderly women

Middle-aged women

Menopausal women


Cancer patients

Anxiety - Anxiety was significantly decreased or lowered for:

Menopausal women

Healthy individuals

Cancer patients

Student nurses

*Information from: Evidence-Based Reflexology Research for Health Professionals & Researchers by Barbara & Kevin Kunz

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