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Reflexology Benefits for Pregnancy and Delivery

The benefits of reflexology for women throughout the childbearing experience from conception to postpartum issues are backed by research! According to research published by Barbara & Kevin Kunz in their book, Evidence-Based Reflexology Research for Health Professionals & Researchers, the results are as follows:

r weight gain in contrast to infants in the control group.

  • Analgesia: Less used

  • Duration of Labor: Studies showed that the study group who received 10 reflexology sessions experienced: first stage 5 hrs, second stage 16 min, and third stage 7 min, compared to textbook figures of 16-24 hrs first stage, and 1-2 hrs second stage.

  • Labor Pains, Retention of Placenta: During delivery, 90% effective rate as pain killer, 11 of 14 with retention of placenta avoided operation helped with total sleep time and bette

  • Chinese researchers have found reflexology to be beneficial for the following:

  • Infertility

  • Postpartum women (anxiety and depression)

  • Research also shows that reflexology benefits newborn infants. For premature infants, reflexology

  • Postpartum (urinary system)

  • Postpartum women recovering from cesarean section (gastrointestinal function)

Cindy Holm Reflexology offers package deals for women who want to utilize the benefits of reflexology during their pregnancy and postpartum experience.

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