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Essential Oils for 10 Foot Related Issues

Many people are using essential oils to help heal their bodies. Here are 10 common foot conditions and the essential oils that can help!

Condition Oils Application/Ratio EO to carrier oil

Athlete’s Foot: a fungal infection that causes itching, Melaleuca *Neat

redness, and scaling of the skin Oregano 1:3

Blisters Lavender Neat

Bunion: a misplacement of the big toe in which the Cypress Neat

base of the big toe juts outward. This can cause

inflammation and irritation.

Calluses: a flat, thick growth of skin that develops on Oregano 1:3

areas of the skin where there is constant friction or rubbing.

Corns: painful growths that develop on the Clove 1:1

small toes due to repetitive friction.

Cracked Heels: depletion of natural oils in the skin, leading Myrrh Neat

to dehydration of the skin beneath it.

Gout: a painful inflammation of a joint caused by a buildup Lemon Neat

of uric acid crystals deposited in the joint.

Plantar Warts: painful warts that grow on the bottoms of the feet Oregano 1:3

Sprain: injury to a ligament caused by excessive stretching Marjoram Neat

Lemongrass/ Neat or 1:1 White fir for kids or sensitive skin

Strain: tear of muscle tissue due to excessive strain or Lemongrass Neat or 1:1

overstretching for kids or

sensitive skin

*Neat = no dilution necessary

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