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Top 10 Benefits of Reflexology for Athletes

Balance is the key word for the professional athlete as well as the weekend jogger. In order to perform at its best, and avoid injury and fatigue, the body need periods of rest after hard workouts so that the tissues can recover. Adding reflexology to other toning and stretching activities and therapies, such as massage and swimming, is beneficial for general conditioning as well as recovery from sore and injured muscles.

The top 10 benefits of reflexology for athletes:

1. Releases tension/stress

2. Aids in muscle repair

3. Increases blood flow

4. Provides deep feeling of relaxation and improves sleep patterns

5. Addresses pain caused by plantar fasciitis or tendonitis

6. Better performance

7. Suffer fewer injuries

8. Improve times

9. Have sharper concentration

10. Recover from injuries sooner

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