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Studies Show Reflexology Aids in Pain Reduction

As a Reflexologist, I find it exciting that studies are being done to validate what every Reflexologist knows, and most clients of reflexology experience!

Twenty-seven studies show that pain reduction is a significant result of reflexology work. The studies included individuals of all ages and health states. For example, birthing mothers, lower back pain sufferers, kidney stone patients, senior citizens, and individuals with pain resulting from surgery.

To test this, a classic test of pain was conducted. Reflexology work was applied to one group of healthy individuals and Sham TENS to another. The individuals then immersed their hands in ice water. Measurements were taken to judge the time it took for the subject to find the experience painful, and the time it took until the subject could no longer keep his/her hand in the ice water. The reflexology group then received sham TENS, and the TENS group received reflexology work. When reflexology work was applied before ice immersion, the results showed a significant change in the individuals’ ability to perceive pain. There was a significant increase in pain threshold as well as in pain tolerance.

As mentioned previously, twenty-seven studies showed positive outcomes for reflexology work. The results reported a range from “reduction in” pain to “significant difference in” pain for the following situations:

AIDS, Birthing, Cancer, Chest pain, Diabetes mellitus (peripheral neuropathy), Gout, Herniated disc, Irritable bowel syndrome, Kidney stones, Lithotrity (A surgical procedure to pulverize stones in the urinary bladder or urethra) (Recovery from), Lower back pain, Phantom limb, PMS/Cramps, Post operatively, Osteoarthritis, Senior citizens, Sinusitis, and Miscellanious pain sufferers.

If you experience pain in your body, consider scheduling a reflexology appointment today!

Information from: Evidence-Based Reflexology Research for Health Professionals & Researchers by Barbara and Kevin Kunz

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