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Reflexology: More than a Relaxing "Foot Rub"

Reflexology is much more than a relaxing "foot rub"! While one of the main benefits of reflexology is relaxation, I think that people often underestimate the benefits of this type of bodywork. The relaxed state achieved during a reflexology session is called the alpha state, and it’s where healing takes place. So, when my client is relaxed, the body is more able to come back into balance while I facilitate the healing process.

When I’m reflexing a person’s feet, hands or ears, I’m being mindful of any knots, lumpy textures, dense or hard tonus, puffiness, tenderness, callouses, etc., and on which reflex they are located. These are stress cues, and they tell me where a person may be experiencing discomfort or imbalance in their body. If I find one or more of these stress cues, I apply different techniques to help relieve the stress in the corresponding part of the body. I’ve had clients report that they’ve felt their hips/shoulders release while on the table, or that they’ve felt tingling as energy blockages are being released. Everyone experiences feeling a sense of calmness as I’ve helped balance their sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (feed or breed) nervous system. Clients often find that they sleep more soundly, and/or feel better emotionally. Back or neck pain that they had before the session is lessened, or completely gone at the end of the session.

Studies have proven that a single reflexology session can lower blood pressure, improve blood flow to kidneys, intestines and feet, reduce anxiety, decrease heart rate, increase oxygen saturation, and lower the respiratory rate. All of this while being completely relaxed!

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