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Reflexology Helps Improve the “Plumbing” of the Body

Circulation is the most important factor to keeping the body functioning by delivering oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and removing waste. If circulation is poor, toxins accumulate at the nerve endings in our hands and feet where the transfer is made from the arteries (which carry oxygenated blood from the heart) to the veins (which carry blood back to the heart).

If circulation is weak, it is like having a clogged drain. Using a plumbing analogy, one can imagine that if nothing is done to clear the blockage, waste will continue to build, and water pressure will be low. By using a plunger to create pressure and free the drain of the obstruction, the obstruction will be moved through the pipes, the water will begin to flow, and circulation in the pipe will be restored.

Just as a plunger is able to clear a clogged drain, reflexology’s pressure technique is able to clear the toxins at the nerve endings. As a result, the nerves relax, the muscles relax, which helps the blood vessels relax, meaning more blood can flow. As more blood flows, more oxygen and nutrients are carried to cells throughout the body.

Improved circulation is just one of reflexology’s proven benefits.To learn what reflexology can do for you, consider booking a reflexology session!

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