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How to Stay Balanced and Healthy with Reflexology

Everything in life is about balance, and our bodies are no exception. Our bodies are always striving for balance. They may feel out of balance at times - our backs, hips, neck and shoulders ache, but that sense is because we've done something to disturb the natural balance, and the body is trying to compensate. When we abuse our bodies with alcohol, drugs, inactivity, poor food choices, poor sleep habits, etc., we feel "off" or just plain miserable. It's a wonder that we can ever get back to "normal"! But we can, and we do! I find this to be utterly amazing and miraculous!

It's my opinion that when we give the body what it needs, then it has an easier time of coming back into balance. This would include a balance between work and play, exercise and rest, fats, sugars, fruits and vegetables, social time and alone time. Too much of any one of these puts stress on the body. Picture the successful business person who works around the clock. As the stress of work builds up, so does the stress in the body. This person is suddenly sick or they experience constant headaches. Think of the athlete who exercises with consistent intensity. Without taking time to rest the body, the athlete will develop stress fractures, torn ligaments, and other conditions of overuse. If we only ate fruits and vegetables, our bodies would suffer without the fat it needs for good brain function and other processes. Having an active social life is fun, but we've all experienced times when it gets to be too much, especially around the holidays, and we long for some alone time!

By making reflexology part of your lifestyle, you are giving your body an opportunity to reduce stress and its symptoms and come back into balance naturally. Reflexology offers you the opportunity to slow down and take a moment for yourself. Breath and let go. Relax. A balanced body is a healthy body!

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