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How to Get that Healthy Glow from Reflexology!

"Healthy skin

is a reflection

of overall wellness"

Howard Murad, MD

Our faces tell the story of the amount of tension, worry, and stress in our lives. We all know people who wear years of stress in wrinkles between the eyes or across the forehead. Maybe you’ve experienced puffiness and dark circles around your eyes from lack of sleep. While none of us are immune from aging skin, we can help it be and look healthy through reflexology.

How can reflexology help improve your complexion? Consider this: Your skin is an organ; the largest organ of your body. When there is stress and an excess of toxins in the body, it often shows up on the skin. Reflexology is able to work the organs that filter and eliminate the toxins in the body; specifically the liver, kidneys, urinary system, and intestines.

Reflexology also relaxes the body and mind. Once tension is released from the body, it shows on the face! Puffiness under the eyes and dark circles disappear or are minimized. Tension lines and general tiredness are gone. The tightness in the jawline softens. Circulation is improved, giving the skin a healthy glow!

While natural products that clean and moisturize your face are important, so is taking care of your skin through the relaxation, detoxification, and improved circulation benefits of reflexology.

Information taken from “Feet First” by Laura Norman

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