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How to Get Nature's Antioxidants by Grounding Your Feet

I had a client come to me today who said, “I need you to help me ground”. With so much going on in her life, she was feeling scattered and pulled in too many directions. Her request reminded me of the concept of using our feet to help us ground by being in direct contact with the Earth. I’ve seen this referred to as “grounding” or “earthing”.

We don’t often think about our feet as we stand and move about (unless, perhaps, they hurt), but our feet not only propel us through life, but they help keep us grounded. Our feet are our direct connection to the earth, unless they are covered up by the rubber soles of our shoes. Shoes (unless they have leather soles) disconnect us from the Earth’s natural electron flow because they are natural insulators. Besides the fact that we wear shoes all the time and walk on insulated surfaces, our bodies are constantly being bombarded with electromagnetic fields and other types of radiation from cell phones, computers, and Wi-Fi. They are also exposed to pollution, pesticides, and other free radicals.

By standing barefoot on the Earth, there is a transfer of free electrons from the Earth to the body. In addition, the body is able to discharge the excess positive charge to the Earth. The Earth’s negative charge neutralizes the positively charged free radicals from the body. These free electrons are nature’s antioxidants!

So, I probably should have sent my client barefoot into a grassy area, or river, or beach, but instead I held her feet and asked her to focus there. This was a reminder to me about the importance of being grounded, and I encourage you to put your bare feet on the earth whenever the opportunity presents itself!

For more information on grounding, check out research by Dr. Joseph Mercola And Dr. Stephen Sinatra

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