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Alpha State is Where You Want to Be! (At least sometimes!)

I describe the alpha state as “the space between”. It’s that place where you’re awake... but not really. Where you’re asleep... but not really. It’s the state of relaxation and peaceful wakefulness accompanied by feelings of tranquility. Tension does not reside here, and anxiety flows away. Creativity, receptivity, and new thoughts and ideas flourish here! Healing takes place here! It is a wonderful place to be!

“How do I get there?”, you ask. Meditation can take you there, and so can reflexology! Because reflexology balances the nervous system and reduces stress, your mind can hardly help but to let go and drift into a calm and quiet space. This allows the body to come back into balance- reducing pain, improving circulation, cleansing the body of toxins, revitalizing energy, and stimulating creativity and productivity. You will love it there! Consider giving your mind, body, and spirit a little vacation; visit the Alpha State, and enjoy the space between!

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