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8 Foot Care Recipes Using Essential Oils

Foot Baths and Foot Creams are an easy way to pamper yourself and make your feet feel great! I hope you enjoy these easy recipes that will also be a treat to your senses!

Foot Baths

Add 6 drops of essential oils to a bowl of hand hot water, and soak feet 10-15 min

Athletes Foot Restorative After Long, Hard Day

3 drops lavender 2 drops lavender

3 drops myrrh 2 drops peppermint

2 drops rosemary

Immune Booster To Stimulate Circulation

3 drops lemon 2 drops geranium

3 drops tea tree 2 drops black pepper

2 drops mandarin

Tired, Swollen Feet Cracked or Chapped Feet

3 drops chamomile 3 drops lavender

3 drops lavender 3 drops patchouli

Foot Creams

To 30g cream add:

Cooling Foot Cream Cracked Foot Cream

7 drops peppermint 3 drops lavender

2 drops myrrh

2 drops patchouli

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