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10 Things Your Feet Say About You

Did you know that the size and shape of your feet and toes can give clues about your personality, attitudes, and characteristics? Listed below are 10 examples of what your feet say about you!

1. A Broad or Wide Foot

You are hardworking, capable, and down-to-earth. You're always on the go. You may not like to sit still for long periods of time without doing something. You are generally reliable.

2. A Narrow Foot

You love the aesthetics of things. You may have a more sensitive nature. You may enjoy being pampered, and may naturally know how to get others to do things for you - a natural ability to delegate. You can stop, relax, and be comfortable with doing nothing.

3. Leaning Big Toe

If your big toe is leaning towards the other toes, you may be motivated by helping others. The degree to which it is leaning tells how much you feel you need to help. The big toe can go from slightly leaning, which means you’re helpful but won’t go out of your way to do so, to an extreme tilt which means you will bend over backwards to help. You will probably do this at the expense of yourself. You may allow others to take advantage of you.

4. Big Toe Tip Off the Ground

If the top joint of your big toe curves up, this means that you are very good at visualizing. You have a good imagination and can see the overall picture. You do not like to be confined. You may have artistic abilities. The degree to which your toe does not touch the ground tells how much capacity you have to fantasize or daydream, which can get you into trouble!

5. Large Big Toe

You are a very articulate speaker. You can talk a lot and for a long time. You may have many thoughts in your head.

6. High Arch

You are independent, and have strong inner resources. You like your own company. It is probably hard for you to accept help from others.

7. Flat Feet

You like to be with other people. You may feel weighed down by life’s events and need support. You are a very practical, rational, and down-to-earth person. You have a pragmatic view of life, possibly skeptical but very realistic, maybe to the detriment of your feelings.

8. No Gaps Between the Toes

All of the energies work well together. You can make decisions quickly.

9. Gaps Between All the Toes

You may like to procrastinate and delay a decision. It may be difficult for you

to make up your mind, or if you do, which may be very quickly, you’ll go over and over it and wonder if it was the right decision.

10. Ticklish or Sensitive Feet

You may be extremely self-conscious and easily hurt.

*Information from: "What My Feet Say About Me" by Bobbi Warren

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